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Heat close preseason 104-98 victory against Grizzlies
Khem Birch feels he has already won.
Student driver crashes at start of road test
A Coral Springs woman got a crash course in driving when she wrecked her car at a Lauderdale Lakes Department of Motor Vehicles office right before beginning her road test.
John Goodman retrial: Defense expert says Bentley malfunctioned
An automotive expert for the defense testified Friday in John Goodman's DUI manslaughter retrial that the Wellington polo magnate's Bentley was malfunctioning at the time of the 2010 crash that killed recent University of Central Florida grad Scott Patrick Wilson, 23.
Scott rallies the faithful in Coral Springs
Charlie Crist and Gov. Rick Scott both made appearances in Broward County over the last two days to shore up support as their campaigns reach their conclusion.
Police search for teacher suspected of sexual abuse
Police are searching for a teacher suspected of sexually abusing students who attended a private Cooper City school.
'Cookie Monster' sentenced to nearly 6-1/2 years in prison on probation violations
The "Cookie Monster" is heading to prison for about four years.
Bondi to fed court: put same-sex marriage on hold
State Attorney General Pam Bondi had up to 17 days to respond to a motion filed by American Civil Liberties Union lawyer Daniel Tilley, which asked a federal judge in Tallahassee to lift his stay on a ruling overturning Florida's same-sex marriage ban. Friday, at the end of the 17th day, she...
Woman accused of fraud, faking fall at Target
A Lake Worth woman tried to file a claim against Target after taking a tumble. But after investigators watched her intentionally take a seat on the floor through surveillance video, she landed in jail, authorities said.
Felon with Bentley logo face tattoo sentenced for ID theft
Some convicts want to start over with a clean slate: Derek Denesevich wants to start over with a clean face.
Homeless advocates say new Fort Lauderdale laws won't silence them
The homeless may not have a place to live, but they and their advocates turned City Hall into a part-time residence this year as they fought against a wave of homeless restrictions.
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