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Heat waste Wade's 42, fall 105-87 to Jazz
Home for the holidays never sounded . . . so bad.
One dead, one injured when SUV hits pedestrians
One pedestrian is dead and another injured after being hit by an SUV sometime after 7 p.m. Wednesday in Deerfield Beach.
Secret diplomacy with Cuba ends in breakthrough deal
The United States and Cuba ended more than a half-century of enmity Wednesday, announcing that they would reestablish diplomatic relations and begin dismantling the last pillar of the Cold War.
Mixed reaction in Miami as Florida's Cuban-American leaders blast policy shift
President Barack Obama on Wednesday abruptly ended more than 50 years of U.S. attempts to isolate Cuba, ushering in sweeping changes that will connect Floridians to the island through increased travel, business and communication links.
Obama's Cuba policy doesn't mean Congress will change laws
The future of the United States' five-decade embargo blocking trade with Cuba is suddenly and unexpectedly murky.
Embrace opportunity for change with Cuba
This is the door that's taken more than five decades to open.
Controversy, confusion as gay marriage nears
The start of same-sex marriage in Florida may not happen on Jan. 6 as anticipated.
Potential winners in Cuba thaw: tourism, construction, car industry
An easing of trade with Cuba more than 50 years since the start of the United States' cold war with the small island nation would undoubtedly benefit Florida — and especially South Florida, home of the nation's largest community of Cuban refugees.
What does the announcement mean?
President Obama's announcement of the resumption of normal diplomatic relations with Cuba will bring many concrete changes to relations between the two countries. Here are answers to some common questions.
County to sheriff: No housing homeless at stockade
Broward Sheriff Scott Israel talked on the campaign trail about reopening the old "stockade'' to help address the homeless problem and the jail-to-street-to-jail endless cycle.
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